Improve Your Greenhouse Performance

Our greenhouses are made using the best technologies, that is why we also offer additional systems to improve the performance of our greenhouse. The systems are for weather, organisation,automation and for specialized greenhouse farming. 

blackout system 2

Blackout system

This system helps to  control the light that cross the greenhouse, this helps plants to grow correctly, medical plants like cannabis uses this system.

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Ventilation system

Natural or artificial ventilation, rack and pinion system, or motor roll up device, manual and auto

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Ventilation system
hydroponic system

Hydroponic System

In this type of hydroponic system, the role of the media is to support the plant roots and provide an environment for the water and needed nutrients, without microbial involvement.

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Irrigation / Fertilization System

This system helps watering and fertilizing the crops in a cyclic way. This is a very useful system.

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irrigation system
control system

Control System

This system will help you to have the whole control of the greenhouse, you can activate and deactivate the other systems from this console

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heating System

Hot air systm, heating by coal, electricity, natural gas. Faster for heating

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heating system
cooling system

Cooling System

Cooling pad and fan system helps exhaust circulation inside and outside the greenhouse.

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Workbench System

Hot This system is used to save plant area and it helps you to organize the greenhouse, also to let you ass through plants to look out that the growing process is going in the right way.

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workbench system
Humidity System

humidity System

When growing in a greenhouse, humidity can become a serious factor in the success of your crop. Because of dense vegetation packed into limited, enclosed space, plants transpire moisture.

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CO2 System

HThis CO2 system helps the plants a lot, in the process of photosynthesis where they need co2. With this system and the right terms of your greenhouse your plants will grow better

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co2 system

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